Thursday, November 10, 2011

CCT TDI Holds First Commencement Exercise

Thirty-three young men from different provinces of the Philippines received certificates for completing a one-year program at the Center for Community Transformation Training and Development Institute -Magdalena, during the campus’s first commencement exercise. The young men graduated with competencies learned in electrical installation and maintenance, masonry, rough carpentry, and plumbing.  Eighty-three others were recognized for completing three, six, or nine months of training in those same areas. 

Losande Labrador Jr., academic
excellence awardee
In a well-delivered speech, academic excellence awardee Losande Labrador Jr. of Bacolod City spoke of his dreams and of  being the first person in his family to finish an educational course beyond high school. 

CCT President and Founder Ruth Callanta explained how the partnership between CCT-TDI and AMG Skilled Hands Technological College came about, and told of how the campus fulfills a long-held dream of Eliezer del Mundo Sr. to help out-of-school  youth receive an education. The 3.3 hectare campus is under a usufruct agreement between CCT and Mr. del Mundo. She also explained that TDI’s construction industry-related courses  were offered based on a survey done in Laguna that indicated that the construction industry offers the most number of employment opportunities to families.

Elmer Talavera, Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) regional director IV-A, guest speaker, admonished the graduates not to "immediately look toward the airport or start applying for a passport" but to gain local work experience first. “Opportunities for employment are here, now,”  he said, referring to Laguna which he said is known for tourism and is the “dormitory of Metro Manila” or the place that workers in Metro Manila come home to after a day at the office and other establishments.

Darlito Agacite of Pangasinan recalled the challenges of his one year on campus and thanked God for the opportunity “Not just to learn new skills but to also learn God’s Word.”  

The graduates and members of the boards of AMG-SHTC and CCT-TDI.
The processional: graduates, staff, and guests. 
TESDA Region IV-A Director Elmer Talavera:
"Opportunities for employment are here,

Members of the Brigada Bata-Magdalena
Chapter salute the Philippine flag at the
beginning of the ceremony. 

The Visions of Hope-Alternative Learning System Drum
and Bugle Corps provide music for the occasion. 

The Philippine flag and the CCT colors
wave proudly over the TDI campus grounds. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

ALS Boys Shine in Swim Meet

Freestyle division winners - 1st place, John Paulo Caparas; 2nd place Edwin Jones; 3rd place, Allan Vincent Ramos 
Three boys enrolled in the Alternative Learning System at the TDI-Magdalena Campus won first, second, and third place in the freestyle division of the 2011 Diliman Preparatory School - Philippine Swimming League Class C and Novice Swim Meet yesterday. The boys, John Paulo Caparas, Edwin Jones, and Allan Vincent Ramos said they felt like David going against Goliath when they saw their opponents -- taller, bigger bodied, and wearing expensive swimming trunks. They lost early  backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and relay events. But just before the last event, the freestyle method, after a pep talk with VOH's  Nurse Elmer who reminded them of instructions from Coach Susan Papa, the boys decided that they would win first, second, and third place.  

And they did!  John Paulo came in first, Edwin Jones came in second, and and Allan Vincent took third place.

"Inaalay po namin ang pagkapanalo naming ito sa Panginoon," (We dedicate our win to the Lord,) Edwin said.  

Left to right: Arnold dela Cruz, Allan Vincent Ramos, John Paulo Caparas,
Edwin Jones, and Michael Clavel.

With Coach Susan Papa

Warm-up exercises 

Photos and reportage: Allan Pardico

Saturday, June 18, 2011

ALS Boys Raise Bonsai Plants, Veggies

Boys enrolled in the Alternative Learning System program at the CCT-Training and Development Institute campus in Magdalena, Laguna are learning how to raise and care for bonsai plants and vegetables. These are two on-campus income-generating projects they are currently involved with.

In the next eight pictures some of the boys proudly display the bonsai plants they raise.

 Patrick Leano holding his papua bonsai

Arnold dela Cruz with his balite bonsai

Adrian Balanay with his melendres bonsai

John Domingo Caparas with his balite bonsai

Mherd Masa with his papua bonsai

John Paulo Caparas with his papua bonsai

Allan Vincent Ramos with his baliti bonsai

Michael Clavel with his melendres bonsai

All of the bonsai plants are for sale to help the boys earn some money for themselves.

The next few pictures show the boys harvesting eggplants and sweet potato tops (talbos ng kamote).

John Conrad Caparas

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Evangelistic Night at the CCT-TDI Magdalena Campus

An evangelistic night was held at the Magdalena Campus on February 14, 2011. The theme was The Magnificent Love of God, and speaker was Rev. Enrique Relado. Here are some pictures from preparation to the actual event.

About 40 individuals living outside the campus attended the event and heard the Gospel message.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Second Batch of Students Recognized

 On May 9, 2011, 51  students received recognition for completing short courses in carpentry, electrical installation and maintenance, masonry, and plumbing at the CCT TDI campus in Magdalena, Laguna. The students are all male and are relatives of community partners from different parts of the country.
Here are some of their hands-on learning activities:

 Part of the curriculum is the subject Introduction to Biblical Foundations taught by Pastor David Campanero, CTDI chaplain. The students also attend computer and English classes.

Also recognized were four students who passed the Alternative Learning System accreditation and equivalency test.

Sixty-five new enrollees compose the third batch of students. Their classes end on June 17 after which they will undergo on-the-job training, as well as assessment from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority. Praise the Lord for how these skills-training courses have broadened the horizons of these young men.